Industrial Rubber Parts

Metal-rubber bonding is a strength at Mypol. Friction liners for material handing conveyors and splicing machines jaws for inner tube manufacture are two such parts. These metal-rubber bonded parts require high degree of precision and are used in severe environments.

We have developed components made of Nitrile for medical equipment. Proprietary process allows us to manufacture these components with a thin wall of 0.1mm to 0.15mm. As in any medical device performance and quality requirements are stringent.

Friction Liners & EPDM Strips for conveyors

Liners are rubber to metal bonded & made in segments to form a complete drum. These liners are used in the cement industry, they are subjected to very severe abrasive operating conditions. Strips are used as liners in bucket conveyors. They withstand harsh conditions of temperature & abrasion.

Valve Seals

These steel hose backed inflatable valve seals are used in large-size utilities and industrial valves. Designed to be fit-and-forget, failures can cause large scale disruption.

Bellows for X-Ray Machines

These bellows are manufactured for one of the global leaders of medical x-ray machines. These pressure-compensating bellows are immersed in oil and are engineered to last the entire life of the machine.