Our Tyre Curing bladders (TCB) compounds and manufacturing know-how promise superior performance. These bladders have surpassed industry benchmarks. To maintain its technology strength, Mypol is investing in state-of-art injection moulding machines and moulds from world-class sources.

Mypol’s dedicated team is in co-development with the tyre manufacturers to improve productivity and reduce costs. We are on track to be the best in Class.

Mypol’s technical service team is keen to work with your experts to optimise and enhance bladder performance.

Advantages of Mypol Tyre Curing Bladders
  1. Superior compound offers better bladder life.
  2. Longer bladder life offers better tyre curing press availability.
  3. Strict process control offers bladder quality and predictable life.
  4. Exceptional bladder dimensional control yields superior quality tyres.
  5. Increased tyre performance through better profile control.
  6. Mypol injection bladders have several advantages:
    1. Superior compaction of rubber with NIL porosity offers improved product quality.
    2. Seamless and flash-less bladders.
    3. Excellent surface finish offers superior finishes on tyres and process ease.
    4. Precise gauge control of the bladders yields superior tyres and better productivity.

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